Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Bits

It's a cold, blustery day, and the sun has gone down.  It's been an intense couple of weeks.  Seems like my lists are growing more complex and unrealistic.  But there have been some serious bright spots.  Like tonight...here I sit in at an antique secretary desk from my childhood, with the sweet scent of banana walnut muffins filling my wonderful apartment with anticipation.  I'll  have a great breakfast to go with my morning tea tomorrow. 

Speaking of my beautiful apartment...I can sit here, without worrying that the rain that is pounding down will spring a leak in my roof, or cause plumbing problems.  I love it...if there's a problem, I call maintenance!  I've even learned to like having a dishwasher.  (ok, deep breaths..the world is NOT coming to an end)

I feel like my life is just beginning...anew.  The world feels full of possibilities.  Now if I could just find the Time and Energy to attack those possibilities!  I've been so tired lately...so tonight I'm moving up my bedtime to an early one.  I've even got my bedside book ready.

What?  Oh, the bedside book?  I am currently reading about 4 or 5 books.  My sofa book is Living Oprah (a woman who tried following all Oprahs suggestions for a year, blogged about it and got a book deal too).  My living room chair book is "Vinyl Cafe Diaries" (love it!).  My table book is Kindred in Death.  And I feel I should duck and hide, but my bedtime, put me to sleep after I do my nightly Bible reading (we are on Ecclesiastes), is Twilight.  (quick throwing things).  Whenever I finish any of these, I have two bread baking books, one vegan cookbook, a sci-fi novel called Downsiders, and a new Writer's Digest waiting.  That doesn't even count the books I've waiting for me at the library.  I seriously love reading. 

It's late, I'm tired, and out of random bits.  Time to go curl up with my bedtime book. Night.

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