Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Journey, thus far

It has almost been an entire year since I went vegetarian.  I still feel like a V.I.T. (vegetarian in training).  There have been some bumps along the way.  The hardest has been having to explain over and over again why I made this choice.  I just don't like the taste nor texture of meat.  It's as simple as that. That's why you won't see me eating any veggie burgers or veggie sausage...still tastes like meat. Ick. 

Other bumps have been attending various functions....walking into a typical summer gathering, I find that most are meat fests.  So there I sit, holding a plate of potato salad and fruit salad.  That's about the only non-meat dishes I can find.  Or I walk into potlucks, and find there are no non-meat protein sources. It finally hit me at the last one at church, that it's okay for me to bring a main dish that is non-meat!  I make a great vegetarian lasagna...and mac & cheese...and I'm experimenting with my mother's recipe for baked beans, working on a tasty vegan version.  I'll be prepared next time!

Then there is the taco filling I attempted to make out of black beans, corn, zucchini and salsa.  It was tasty, but kept falling out of the taco shell!  I'd take one bite, and wham...there would be an empty taco shell, and a pile of filling on the plate.  (turns out it's a tasty burrito filling!).

However, there have been successes.  I have discovered that I love tostadas topped with refried beans (vegetarian kind), topped with diced red pepper and sauteed corn & onion.  Yum!  And I love red pepper and pineapple pizza.  And black eyed peas are still tasty on top of crumbled cornbread.... 

So I'm still learning, but I'm enjoying my new way of life.  I feel healthier and happier.  The adventure continues on....

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