Thursday, March 5, 2009

Changing the tune of my day

Hello. Life is interesting today. It's amazing what a difference music makes in my life. I came to work feeling somewhat anxious, but now I'm smiling and rocking away. Literally. Head bobbing, toe tapping, music turned up loud enough that it's probably leaking out from the headphones. I'm listening to the song that has the line "I get knocked down, but I get up again. Never going to keep me down." I love the beat and the words.

What a contrast. This morning, I eased my way out of the house, wherein only one of the cats, Sabbeth, was truly awake. I walked through the dark, silent, frigid world, and slipped into my car. Already running a bit late, I had to wait until the defrost had cleared a small circle of windshield in order to begin driving. I drove through the quiet darkness peering through that small hole. Eventually it grew to encompass the entire windshield, and I could breathe easier. The route I take to work is also a major crossing for every deer in the county, therefore clear vision is necessary.

By the time I got to work, the eeriness of the drive had gotten to me. I was cold to the bone, and felt unsettled, and unhappy. I drank a few cups of my usual tea (I'm the sole tea lady in an office of coffee guzzlers), and felt mildly better. My mood turned around during lunchtime. A few minutes of standing in the bright, though brisk, sunshine while waiting for the shuttle to the main building, and I started to warm up inside.

When I got back to my desk, put on my headphones & turned on the radio, the retro lunch was playing on the local radio station (one of only two stations we can get here at's rock or country, no other choice). I listened as I continued to work, and the music worked on me. By the end of the retro music hour, I was as I am now...mood lifted, toe tapping, head bobbing. The only thing that could possibly spoil this would be one of my kids seeing me doing this. I would get the requisite eye roll and 'oh, mom' in that particluar tone only a teenager can get. However, since there aren't here, I'll continue to listen to music too loud, and let my spirit soar on the music.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

In the middle of a strange weekend...

This is a strange feeling weekend. I had hopes of getting up early, and heading out with my writing tote, and holing up at my favorite Barnes & Noble, and spending the morning & early afternoon writing. (and a little reading too, hey, it is my addiction!) But no...the weather has ruled against that wondrous dream. It's snowing. Not just a few, gentle flakes fluttering to the ground, as children dance happily beneath. No. It's snowing. A torrential downpour of snow, encasing entire communities, not to mention my wee little, formerly black car, with an impassible mass of slippery, unforgiving mess.

OK, I'm exaggerating a wee bit, for now. But the snow is falling, visibility is bad, and the prediction is 4-8 inches. As my car has around 6 inches of clearance, this forgoes my previous plans.

So, instead, I'm home. Normally this would not be a sad affair, but this weekend, my daughter, Cat has her friend, Sam, spending the weekend. And what do these two 18 year olds enjoy doing the most? Playing video games. I don't know the names of the games (nor really want to know), but I can hear them. Lots of grunts, and karate yells, and slashing.... *sigh* This slowly drives me nuts. (ok, I know, short drive). And of course, they have to use the computer to get info on the game. And Sam brought her laptop, so she can play the game with her sometimes, unless she's playing a different one... with the resulting conflicting sounds.

I think I'll go hole up in the craft room, and try to do my writing there, or reading... or phone a friend...and contimplate the serious need for a personal MP3 player, before the next time!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Truly Random Musings

This truly is random musings, without any pre-thought or carefully written drafts. I was without a computer for weeks, while my son Bob 'reloaded' the computer. Me, being a non-techy, I don't totally understand the details of this... but it seems to take many trips to and from a computer store (where he works), and the total cost for this work is a batch of brownies and homemade cocoa mix. But I'm back.....

Speaking of Bob, he's amazing. Apparently, he's teaching himself some computer language and using it to build a website for himself full of Bob-isms. His twin brother, is busy working and going to college and building snowmen with engagement rings for one eye. And Cat finished her first semester of college, and got the best 'report card' of her life. I had to make good on my promise and take her to Sagano's, a Japanese steakhouse, where cooking dinner is part of the show. Fun...and tasty, and not cheap. (shudder my frugal heart)

As to my writing career, as of today I know that my two short short stories that I submitted to the Writers Digest Short Short Story Competition did not place. *sigh* Ah, well. Tomorrow, I'll figure out where to send them next. I think that the one titled "Not An Ordinary Girl" is especially good. On another note, I sent off another article for consideration to Guideposts (you send them off, and hope), this one about a true story about my mother. I've started on another one, this time about my parents when they were dating.

The most exciting thing I've done lately (go ahead and roll your eyes now, and get it over with. I'll wait. Okay? Good.) is to attend a crochet/knitting group. See, I pass this church on Main Street in town, and it took me five days of passing by to read the entire sign. Anyways, I found myself standing in front of a church door, feeling nervous about walking into a group of people where I knew no one. Then I realized, hey, Laura... they are church people, what's to fear? So I went in. It was great.. a little old lady taught me how to make a granny square, and I finally learned the names of some of the stitches I already knew how to do, but learned by rote, not name. The group makes blankets for homeless, snuggies for animal shelter (little blankies for kitties to sleep on), and hats for chemo patients. I can't wait to go again.

The other excitement, and last random musing, is that last Saturday I attended a Tea at my sister's house. Her idea.. and it was great! I live on tea...never ever drink coffee (ick). We had scones, little sandwiches, and cookies... wow. Next time I'll host it.

Ok...until next time... keep on swimming. And remember the 'special ingredient' in special ingredient soup.