Saturday, February 21, 2009

In the middle of a strange weekend...

This is a strange feeling weekend. I had hopes of getting up early, and heading out with my writing tote, and holing up at my favorite Barnes & Noble, and spending the morning & early afternoon writing. (and a little reading too, hey, it is my addiction!) But no...the weather has ruled against that wondrous dream. It's snowing. Not just a few, gentle flakes fluttering to the ground, as children dance happily beneath. No. It's snowing. A torrential downpour of snow, encasing entire communities, not to mention my wee little, formerly black car, with an impassible mass of slippery, unforgiving mess.

OK, I'm exaggerating a wee bit, for now. But the snow is falling, visibility is bad, and the prediction is 4-8 inches. As my car has around 6 inches of clearance, this forgoes my previous plans.

So, instead, I'm home. Normally this would not be a sad affair, but this weekend, my daughter, Cat has her friend, Sam, spending the weekend. And what do these two 18 year olds enjoy doing the most? Playing video games. I don't know the names of the games (nor really want to know), but I can hear them. Lots of grunts, and karate yells, and slashing.... *sigh* This slowly drives me nuts. (ok, I know, short drive). And of course, they have to use the computer to get info on the game. And Sam brought her laptop, so she can play the game with her sometimes, unless she's playing a different one... with the resulting conflicting sounds.

I think I'll go hole up in the craft room, and try to do my writing there, or reading... or phone a friend...and contimplate the serious need for a personal MP3 player, before the next time!

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Pride-kun said...

Or I can use my laptop to stalk your blog and post strange comments 8D