Thursday, March 5, 2009

Changing the tune of my day

Hello. Life is interesting today. It's amazing what a difference music makes in my life. I came to work feeling somewhat anxious, but now I'm smiling and rocking away. Literally. Head bobbing, toe tapping, music turned up loud enough that it's probably leaking out from the headphones. I'm listening to the song that has the line "I get knocked down, but I get up again. Never going to keep me down." I love the beat and the words.

What a contrast. This morning, I eased my way out of the house, wherein only one of the cats, Sabbeth, was truly awake. I walked through the dark, silent, frigid world, and slipped into my car. Already running a bit late, I had to wait until the defrost had cleared a small circle of windshield in order to begin driving. I drove through the quiet darkness peering through that small hole. Eventually it grew to encompass the entire windshield, and I could breathe easier. The route I take to work is also a major crossing for every deer in the county, therefore clear vision is necessary.

By the time I got to work, the eeriness of the drive had gotten to me. I was cold to the bone, and felt unsettled, and unhappy. I drank a few cups of my usual tea (I'm the sole tea lady in an office of coffee guzzlers), and felt mildly better. My mood turned around during lunchtime. A few minutes of standing in the bright, though brisk, sunshine while waiting for the shuttle to the main building, and I started to warm up inside.

When I got back to my desk, put on my headphones & turned on the radio, the retro lunch was playing on the local radio station (one of only two stations we can get here at's rock or country, no other choice). I listened as I continued to work, and the music worked on me. By the end of the retro music hour, I was as I am now...mood lifted, toe tapping, head bobbing. The only thing that could possibly spoil this would be one of my kids seeing me doing this. I would get the requisite eye roll and 'oh, mom' in that particluar tone only a teenager can get. However, since there aren't here, I'll continue to listen to music too loud, and let my spirit soar on the music.

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