Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Poof!  What happened?  Life intervened a little too well, and I seem to have dropped off the grid for a month or so. (No, Jamie, I don't mean the Grid wherein I wear a red shirt and hassle, er, keep drivers safe.) I apologize for my long absence and promise to do all I can to not repeat it in the future.

So, it's finally summer.  My deck garden is getting tall and green!  I've a few small baby peppers growing, and one big one that I'm waiting until it ripens to red before I pick it.  No tomatoes yet, though both heirloom plants are as tall as the deck rail. Actually, the stripey one took a tumble and broke in half, but it's recovering.  I've had to hack, er, prune the herbs.  Though the three, oregano, basil & mint, are together in a modest container, they seem intent on world domination, starting with my deck.  The strawberries have run their course and are now a pretty green leafy plant.  And the two pots containing flower seeds from packets that had the year 1959 are actually growing. Slowly, but there are plants growing!  Wow.

My friend, Andrea, asked me why she hadn't heard about me writing much lately.  I realized I have also taken an inadvertent hiatus from one of my great passions-writing.  Let this blog be my statement of renewal.  I am writing again henceforth.  (mentally, I'm hearing thunderous music, and a guy shouting Ta Da!)

My other passion, I have been indulging greatly in.  I have been reading Rick Roirden's series (Yes, they are young adults, or teen books, but that's a genre I enjoy, and want to write.)  I've also been reading several quilting books and ones on vegan cooking. No, I'm not vegan; I love cheese too much. 

Pet peeve- people who utter, 'oh, reading?  I don't have time to read.'  So, I ask them. 'do you smoke?'.  Usually, the answer is yes.  See, I find the same mini pockets of time to read that the busiest person finds to smoke.  And reading is a whole lot healthier.  Reading is like exercise for your eyes and mind.  It's a mini trip without the gas prices.  It's learning something new.  It's an adventure, and excitement, all in a handheld, easily operated device.  A book.

Enough rambling thoughts. I'm back. I'm writing.  I'm always reading, and interested in what you all are reading, or suggestions for books/series to read next.