Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Hope & Interesting Possiblities

Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours in Barnes & Noble, my favorite bookstore. I enjoy just hanging out there, reading magazines, checking out books, and sipping my favorite hot cocoa.  I often have interesting conversations with complete strangers.

But yesterday afternoon, as I wandered about the store, I didn't feel like gabbing.  I found myself in the cooking aisle, looking for a bread baking book called Bread Alone.  While I didn't find it, I found an entire section on Vegetarian & Vegan cooking.  Armed with an armload, I curled up at a table and spent about 2 hours perusing them.  I found a recipe for homemade vegetable broth, something I have been looking for.  I found recipes for Scotch broth & Minestrone (both meatless). 

In the course of my time there, I read three Vegan cookbooks, and got some ideas of how to incorporate more variety into my diet.  See, I've been struggling lately, with coming up with balanced and tasty meals.  I gave up cheese (& ice cream) for Lent, so suddenly I've had to be more creative with my cooking.  Can't just dump cheese on it and call it good.  In reading those cookbooks, I received new hope that this lifestyle, living vegetarian, is not only possible, but enjoyable. 

I now have a renewed hope, and my menu plans are full of interesting possibilities.  Now if I could just stop craving pizza..... ( pepper & pineapple).

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