Tuesday, April 26, 2011


It's been all cloudy and gloomy out for the past couple of days.  Thunder, lightening, dark broody clouds...this is what I see when I peek out of the windows at work, through my car window, and as I sit on my sofa looking through my window wall.  Darkness. Rain. Blah.

But there have been a few bright spots.  I've learned to look for them, to bring a bit of sunshine into my life.  There are the daffodils growing at the front door of my church.  Then there was seeing my friend Bev home from Florida.  An unexpected gift from my daughter....  A beautiful piano concerto playing on 90.1 on the way home from work....  kind words from a friend.

Ok. So. That's it.  I'm off to sleep...and try to dream up a few daffodils.

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