Sunday, April 10, 2011


Here I sit, trying to figure out what to write about on my blog today.  And my mind is a drifting.  After a long dark winter that seemed like it was never going to I really truly believe spring is here.  I'm sitting at my writing desk, in a sun filled bedroom, with the window open to my left, and birdsong drifting in.  Beautiful day!  I picked my daughter up from work (it gives me so much happiness to say that!) today, and everywhere I looked there were signs of spring.  And I drove with my windows down (hillbilly air conditioning: roll windows down, & drive fast!), while wearing a tank top I dug out of my summer clothes drawer.

I've distracted by happiness.  It's no longer so dark each day.  My daughter is employed, and feeling positive about life.  My one son is married, and working a great job.  My other son is working, draws a wonderful comic (, just volunteered (again) at the Give Camp (web design for non profits), and I'm so proud of him for that!  Spring is here.  I get to spend part of each day either sewing or writing or both!  I've an entire series of books waiting of which I've only read the first two, and years ago.  OOO.... (oh, sorry... Magic Kingdom for Sale by Terry Brooks). 

I have a job I enjoy, and feel competent at, and work for a great boss.  I am part of a vital, vibrant, active church. I get to spend a weekend a month volunteering at a cool racetrack (from April-September), and be up close to watch the races (and harass the drivers).  I have a best friend that I have known longer than either of us care to think about.  I have other friends, here in the area, who I can call up if I have a bad day, a good day, or just 'feel like some Mexican'. 

I'm getting more at ease with cooking and living vegetarian.  Today I made some baked burritos for dinner (and my lunch tomorrow).  Wrapped in whole wheat tortillas were refried beans (vegetarian, of course), taco sauce, brown rice, orange pepper, black beans and corn).  They were terrific, and filled with goodness. 

All in all, I'm fairly happy.  So, what on earth or in heaven can I write about today? 

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