Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Life Intervenes

To those faithful few who read my blog, you might wonder, where have I been this past month? I've had a few computer glitches, cured several times via advice over the phone or in person by my computer smart sons, or by my daughter who figured out which buttons to mash.  My beloved puter seems to be working smoothly now, so I'm back.

This bump into the daily routine of life got me thinking about other life bumps.  Those random things that seemingly just happen to us.  They push us off the course to which we'd planned. 

Take my recent days without home computer access. Instead of being on Facebook, or reading Stone Soup (my favorite comic), instead I read several books, did some organizing, talked to friends on the phone, and did some mending.  That might not sound as much fun as gabbing on Facebook, but it gave me more time to talk to my parents, and made a difference in my house.  Not to mention the extra reading time! 

Then there was my recent experience at the main hospital.  I am legendary for my ability to get lost.  I was headed down from the 9th floor and looking for the South elevators, and got a wee bit turned around.  Well, I stopped by this one window, and saw the city from that lofty view. For an industrial city, there was so much green!  I never realized that there were so many trees around here. It was so beautiful.

Then there was last Thursday. I drove off to work, in the morning sunlight, thinking about how the day would be a pretty good one. I figured on a good day at work, then had plans afterwards.  Instead of this course of events, I got a call mid-morning that changed my entire day. Instead of my plans, I spent the rest of the day in the ER with my daughter, then the subsequent 2 days back and forth between home and her hospital room.  (She is fine..had appendix removed.) The good part of all this, beside her renewed health, is that I had several good conversations with her, mother/daughter time.  Also, I was warmed by my sons' response. I got texts from one son asking about his sister's condition, and the other showed up suddenly at her bedside.  Several good friends visited, and one of our pastors showed up in pre-op in time to pray over her beforehand.

Between the visits, the texts, and the phone calls, I was reminded about how interconnected we are.  The outpouring of concern and love for my family was warming,and something I'll hold onto. 

So, sometimes the bumps in life can bring good things....or at least interesting interludes.

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