Sunday, March 6, 2011


I remember when Saturday morning meant something really special.  My sister & I would pad downstairs in our footed pajamas, my brother sleepily following, hurrying to the television (the only one in the house back then).  I'd manually click on the set, manually spin the dial to one of the four stations (CBS, ABC, NBC and PBS).  And there they would be.  The joy of a Saturday morning.  Cartoons.

There were the standards, of course: Bugs Bunny.  Wil E. Coyote.  Tom&Jerry (ick).  But the ones I loved the most were more sci fantasy oriented:  Johnny Swift.  Thundar the Barbarian.  SuperFriends.  Justice League of America.  All those superheros.....  My sister and I would sit, far too close to the tv until my mom would come tell us to move...we'd sit and watch the cartoons, totally engrossed, for hours.... only taking a brake to grab a bowl of Qwisp cereal or Captain Crunch.  Yum! 

We would watch until the morning was over, and the shows were over until the next week.  Then we'd get changed, and go outside to play. 

But the magic was there...and cartoons were special.  I think that they were more cherished because they only came once a week.  Rarity increases the value.  Sometimes I miss those mornings.....

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