Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Random Thoughts

Today my mind is all over the place.  I tried to read a magazine today and couldn't get through an entire article. (Got two Women's Day and a new Writer's Digest all today). What was I talking about? Oh, right...my thoughts are all over the place.  So, today, this will totally be random thoughts. 

My daughter is currently sitting on my bed, watching Disney Channel (me too), eating Doritos that taste like meat... cheeseburgers.  Weird... the chips, not the girl.  :) 

I'm in the mood to do some sewing..but can't seem to get around to sitting down to do something I enjoy.  I like to make doll quilts.  Weird, eh?  I've made them for every young female relative I have.  It's fun to do patchwork and quilting in miniature.  I have the material laid out for it... but... maybe this weekend.  The days seem to rush by...it's morning, I'm eating breakfast, then I'm at work, then home doing chores... making dinner..then bed then start over again.  *sigh*

Do I like jelly beans and Crunchie bars so much because they are truly delicious, or because they are harder to find here?  (jelly beans hard to find cept near Easter, and Crunchies only sold in Canada and Europe).  I wonder.....

Why do some people find so much fault with me being veg something to argue about?

Well, that's about it for tonight..hopefully I'll be more clear minded and coherent next time!

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