Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Music permeates my life. It touches each and every part.  From the moment my radio alarm goes off, shocking me awake to a tune, to the music that sustains me through the work day due to an MP3 player I don't even understand, to the theme song on my favorite TV show in the evening...there is music throughout my day.  (the most shocking wake up song ever was in junior high when I awoke violently awake to the scream of  "Freak Out!")

I met my best friend through choir in high school.  Connie and I would keep each other on tune while we sang together in Girl's Glee.  She always covered for me during that song with the rolled 'r's that I could never do.  I stayed in choirs through high school, one in college (as well as piano lessons and hand bells).  I absolutely loved practicing my piano homework on the harpsichords in the college chapel. 

At my church, music is one of the most enjoyable parts of the worship service.  Thanks to a great trio of song leaders, I can sometimes pick out the alto parts...and when the music and singing comes together, it feels like flying to me.  I have sung solos there twice.  The first time I was nervous, the second terrified.... I have both a 'Bucket List', and a "Twenty Wishes' list (inspired by a Debbie Macomber book by the same name.)  On the latter list, number 14 is Sing a Solo with Confidence.  (there is no order to the list).  I hope to fulfill this wish sometime in the next year (or two). 

Music even influenced my naming of my daughter.  OK...here's the story.  My favorite author is Anne McCaffrey.  She created a character in my favorite series, Dragon Riders of Pern, who is a Harper, a teacher/arbitrator girl.  Her name is Menolly.  I couldn't figure out how to pronounce it, so I always read it as Melody.  It fit.  So, when I found out I was having a daughter, I decided to name her after this musical girl, thus Melody (for those who don't know, it's Cat's first name).

Music is still an important part of my life.  There is always music running in the back of my mind.  My children know this, and have occasionally tormented my by calling me at work, and playing 'Banana Phone' or the "Hamster Dance", just to wedge that into my head....a sure way to insanity, I tell you.  I love many varieties of music... Josh Groban, bagpipes (esp Galiec Storm & Tartanic), classical (esp Pacabel's Canon, played on a harpsichord), Air Supply, Barry White, Pat Benetar, Newsboys, Third Day, and stuff I hear on 105.5 (though I'm terrible with song or artist names).  I love music...and it's part of every moment of my life.

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