Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh, the possibilities....

Some days, when the stress level of daily living begins to get to me, my mind drifts back to my childhood. I spent most of my day actively living in and with my imagination.  Anything was possible then.

I would have adventures on my purple two wheeler.  My sister and I would ride on the sidewalk (we weren't allowed to ride in the street-too young), making 'dinka-dinka' sounds when we would turn around to go back the other way.  ('dinka-dinka' is the sound of the turn signal in my parents' grassy green Duster car).  We might be cops in pursuit, or Indians riding our trusty steeds, or flying on our sonic spaceships...the skies were ours!

I played a game called 'Statues' with neighborhood kids... we'd spin madly about, until the main player called stop!  Then we'd freeze into whatever position we were in at that exact moment.  Then the 'seller' would go through his/her gallery of statues, and explain and sell them to the potential seller.  It was fun, and very imaginative.

My favorite game was superheros.  I remember pretending to be Catwoman (Julie Newmar one, of course), and standing next to a kid pretending to be Penguin...about to run, being chased by about a dozen superheros. 

I remember one night, my parents let me stay after dark, in the second lot across the street for a while.  I played a superhero there too, having adventures of my own making, and diving for the shadows whenever a car would venture by...

Thinking back, I realize that I don't want to go back to my childhood.  What I really want to do is to go back to that ultimate feeling of infinite possibilities.

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