Saturday, January 22, 2011

candalabras as an investigative tool

Here I sit, wondering what to write for tonight's blog...and while I'm wondering, I am also watching some old black & white movie on my wee little bedroom TV.  It's about a brother and sister who buy this out of the way house.  I think it's set in the fortys, because of the beautiful hair styles, and the shirt dresses the women wear.  Anyways, the house seems to be haunted.  And what does our hero and heroine do when they hear a mysterious weeping coming from downstairs?  They light candles, and carry them in those silver holders, and go investigate.

That makes me think of every old time monster movie I have seen.  The heroine always wears a willowy white nightgown.  And when she hears a bump in the night, she puts on a diaphanous robe, grabs up a lit candalabra, and heads out to investigate.  Me, personally, if I was asleep in such a situation, I'd take a moment, put on some pants (even if it was the fortys, I could grab my brother's pants, surely), and grab the poker from fireplace, then with a friend or two, I'd head out to bash whatever made the 'bump'. 

As I once read in a comic, 'women in willowly white nightgowns, who go outside with a candalabra, to investigate bumps in the night...deserve what they get'.    I agree.  Off to consider watching some more... nah... instead I'll turn to Enchanted, and watch people randomly breaking into song.  But that's another blog...

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