Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Where did Summer go?

A week ago, I was watching television (don't remember if it was Glee or Warehouse 13, but that doesn't matter). As always, the commercials came on. Normally I just ignore them, by either crocheting or reading a book. This time, the subject got my attention.

There I sat, wearing a tank top & Capri's, the central air on, while listening to a Back to School commercial. !! Already? I was speechless (a rarity for me).

Later that week, Cat & I decided to splurge, and go out to dinner. Unable to pick a place, we just told the car to pick. Seriously. I said 'Bug, find us a place to go to dinner'. (Cars always have names, since I saw my first Herbie movie). Well, we found ourselves pulling into Cracker Barrel. We walked in, and the very first display I saw filled with costumes, bats, and pumpkins. Halloween decorations? I was afraid to go deeper into their store section, fearful that I'd find a countdown to Christmas!

This is getting ridiculous!

I'd love to hear from you all, about your out of season sightings!

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