Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Different Kind of Day

Today I did something I've never done before..attended a wedding shower. See, this shower was special, as it was for my new daughter... the woman my son Ben is marrying.

To get there, I had to do something I find a bit somewhere I've never been. Anyone who knows me knows just how directionally challenged I am. Thankfully, my daughter was the one navigating, so we arrived with only one missed turn.

I've attended many wedding showers, but never one for a child of mine. It felt so different to be the MOM... Anyways, we arrived at this castle (well, it certainly looked like one), and went into the turret where the party was hosted (seriously). The place was absolutely beautiful! And that was before the decorations, flowers, prize baskets and food.

My mom & favorite sister also attended. (Even if I had more than one, Cathie would still be my favorite). The shower began with the playing of three games... the first one was questions about the bride & groom. After that were games all Disney related. After a bit of kibitzing and tapping our personal source of Disney trivia (thank you Cat!), we waited for the results. It's almost embarrassing that all four of us walked out with prize baskets! I picked the one with tea, needless to say.

It was great to meet more of Jessica's family, and friends... and to attend an event that heralds the next step into my son's future.

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