Friday, August 27, 2010

From above the clouds

I'm a tall girl, so I've spent most of my life walking into cupboard doors left open, peeking over cubicle walls, and checking out everyone's hair part. Granted, I'm only 5'9", but that's taller than most women. And that's me in flats...

A week ago, I was looking for a pair of low or no heeled, sensible, ordinary, boring black dress shoes, for work. After checking out several stores, and drooling over the nifty boots, I went into this frugal girl's old standby, Payless. There I dutifully searched for boring shoes. Well, I did find them... but... part of the fun of shoe shopping is trying on shoes you never intend to wear, much less buy. So I tried on pumps, clogs, high heeled shoe boots (I wobbled as I stood in them, but they were so cute!). Then I saw them. Wow. A pair of black, harness-strapped, 2 inch heels. I tried them on. No wobble. Cool. I looked at them in the ankle height mirrors... wow.

Since it was buy-1-get-1-half-off, I had to get them. I'm a frugal girl after all.

I wore them to work on Monday. I could certainly see very clearly over those cubicle walls. If anyone had looked up as I passed by, they'd have seen a pair of eyes seemingly resting on the wall. My close friend Sharon, noticed the new shoes, of course, as well as another coworker. But for most of the day it was business as usual. Sort of.

Me, I have to get up countless times to go to the printer, which is located across half the office. So I cruised along, eyes peeping over the walls, feeling very very tall. (Cat calls it 'statuesque'). I started imagining a cheering Philistine army behind me, and a small shepherd boy before me, armed only with a sling and a few smooth stones.

Alternatively, I started feeling like I would turn the corner, and find a town of tiny buildings, and screaming villagers running away as I stomped and crushed my way downtown.

I got funny looks as I giggled my way back and forth from the printer.

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Sarah said...

Those shoes are super cute!!!! :)