Sunday, August 1, 2010

Personal miracle

I've got a story to tell you, about how God looks after each of us. I got into my wee little car after work. Put my tote bag in the back seat, set my purse on the passenger seat, and proceeded to buckle in...all before I noticed it. My rearview mirror. Dangling. Attached only by the wire bringing power to the lights.

I sat there thinking, oh, great. I have to pick up Cat from an appointment in less than an hour. How can I handle this? So, I started to pray, and think. I decided to drive to a small auto parts store in town, called Bois Auto Parts. They aren't on the big roads, set in a small plaza, and dimly lit. But, I've always gotten good help there. I pulled into one of the 5 parking spaces, parking next to a Guardian Auto Glass van.

I walked in, passed another customer, and went to the counter. There I explained my problem, and asked both for the stuff to reattach my mirror to the glass, and help doing so. As I explained, 'I'm afraid of gluing my fingers to something'.

The service guy started to show me the adhesive aisle, when another worker came up and said, 'he's already handling it.' He? I walked outside, to find the Guardian Glass guy, sitting in my car, having just scraped off the old glue, and applying the new. He asked me to sit in the car, and make certain the mirror was where I wanted it. After doing so, I offered to pay him, but he refused.

To him it was no big deal, as he did this for a living and had the materials right on hand. But to me, it was a small miracle. And proof that God watches over us. If I'd gone to the new auto parts store on the main drag, or if I'd gotten there 5 minutes later, he wouldn't have been right there. This was God's timing......

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