Tuesday, February 2, 2010

He saw his Shadow

So, it's Groundhog Day. A day when the world looks to a small furry creature to decide if we get to endure an extra 6 weeks of cold and ice and snow. Big surprise...Phil saw his shadow. Personally, I'd have been surprised if he hadn't. After all, this is Michigan. We have 4 seasons here. Almost Winter. Winter. Still Winter. Then 2 weeks of blazing hot summer. Then rinse & repeat.

So, here we face another 6 weeks of winter. Probably more like 8 weeks of frigid north. I remember seeing snow in April a few years back! So, my snow shovel will stay inside, so that I can still be prepared to shovel my way out of the house. I have only vague memories of what the sun looks like.

But I have faith. One day, in the distant future, my daffodil bulbs really will fight their way out of the ground again. Shortly thereafter, I'll hear the one distinctive sound that always hearlds the coming of Spring for me...no, not a robin singin...it's the blissful roar of a Harley, racing down the highway.

Until then, I'll keep my slippers nearby, extra blankets on my bed, and the thought of blue skies hidden in my heart. Someday, the sun will return....I believe!

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