Saturday, February 6, 2010

The past becomes the present

Thursday, 6pm, found me walking into church, grumbling at having to leave my warm house to drive in my cold car up to church on another evening. I have so few evenings completely at home. Keeping my coat on, to ward against the chilly temperatures inside of the sanctuary, I found a seat at the end of the row where the altos were to sit.

Gary, our fearless choir leader, handed me the cantata, and a copy of three hymns we are going to be singing for Easter morning. Here I found myself grumbling again, as I was told they would be familiar hymns...but having been raised in a Lutheran church, only one hymn was familiar to Me.

Then we got started. Gary explained the basics of following music, and I had to force myself to not roll my eyes. Such a negative spirit I was!

When we began to sing, everything changed. Hearing the beautiful harmonies that altos are privileged to sing. I found old skills coming back. I knew what a DS coda was, how to find a measure, what dynamic markings were. Everything I learned from Mr. Demarea, Mrs. Sopoliga, Professor Kurt, and Matt Bays, from years in high school choirs, college choirs, and the wonderful purple robed choir at New Community. It all came back.

Everyone was sitting, but I just couldn't. The words of Mr. Demarea, 'you can't get music from a folded instrument' prompted me. Ignoring the embarrassment, I stood up. Others in the choir looked at me, like 'what?'...but I had to. Standing up, I could properly sing, to get the needed support as the alto's part soared up into soprano range.

And my spirit soared with it.

I owe Gary an apology for my grumblings, and to God. I am so looking forward to next Thursday, for the chance to sing with a choir again. And amongst those sitting, I'll be the one standing up on the end, singing fortissimo.

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