Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day Aftermath

Well, I survived it. Another Valentine's Day... my least favorite holiday of the year. From when I was a kid and joy on Valentine's Day was measured in whether or not you got the nifty valentines with candy attached, to now, when if feels like Single Awareness Day, I have never enjoyed the day. When I was a kid, I did everything I could to avoid being at school on that day. My mother was a nurse in training, so it wasn't easy. I'd have to start nearly a week in advance with the sniffles, and slowly, day by day, add symptoms to my growing condition. Some how, she never caught on that I was faking it...in fact, I often really did get sick. Murphy's Law, I guess. (on a side note, I finally confessed my fakery to her this year. It's good to confess.)

This year, I actually enjoyed a few things about the day. First, I play Farmville (which my son Ben is still in shock over... his mom, playing a computer game.) Well, on Farmville, my mailbox is overflowing with valentines... and they are still coming. Then at church, I got to see my other son, Robert, and his long-time girlfriend, Lauryn, at church. They gave me a picture, a beautiful picture, of the two of them together. (so beautiful, I'm going to have to buy a special frame for it...none I had seem worthy). Then, I got a great gift from my secret pal, including dark chocolate! Yum. (Thank you, whomever you are!)

Then it happened, the one gesture that warmed my heart, and made my day. I walked out of the sanctuary, and into the foyer, and saw Robert holding a gray woolen coat. It didn't register. I turned to go get my coat. He smiled, and walked up, holding out the coat. Then I got it... I know, helping me on with my coat may seem like a simple thing, but it made my whole day. It was sweet, and caring, and made me smile.

So, I guess this Valentine's Day was, well, okay. Wonder what next year will bring?

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