Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The View from Beside the Fence

There I sat, parked by the side of a fence in the employee area of Ren Faire, being serenaded by heart pounding drums, and voices raised in song.  When that faded away, I heard my favorite sound--a single bagpipe playing Amazing Grace.  At the second verse, he was joined by drums and a chorus of other bagpipers.  The wondrous sound lifted up through the grove and towards the heavens.

I was waiting to pick up my daughter, who's part of the talented resident cast of Holly's Renaissance Faire. She spends her weekends working (some would say playing) in the Children's Dell, as Wildflower, the fairy. 

I listened to the drums, as they pounded out a rhythm that had me dancing in my seat, I was people watching.  What I saw was a complete juxtaposition betwixt the Renaissance and our modern age.  I watched as gypsy dancers walked by, the coin bedecked belts around their toned waists jingling with every step.  They climbed into a SUV.  I saw several pirates heading out, carrying oars, treasure trunks and swords.  I watch in amazement as one pirate playfully threatened several village folk, who were trying to drive off in a mud splattered jeep.  Then two other pirates drove off on a motorcycle.  Next I saw a group of peasant dancers walked by, one in earnest conversation on her cell phone.  Another was listening and head bopping to the music on her mp3 player. I saw a tiny fairy lugging a huge suitcase.

What I noticed the most was a general sense of camaraderie.  Cast members called out to one another.  Many hugs were joyfully exchanged.  I especially enjoyed watching a mixed group of village women, pirates and a stray gypsy, who stopped to admire an elderly pirates full flowing white beard.  Picture a fit version of Santa, dressed as a Renaissance pirate.  His beard was quite impressive.  And apparently, soft.

I've heard stories from my daughter, but now I've seen the truth of the big hearted, caring group of people who make up the resident cast of our Renaissance Faire.  Hope to see you there this weekend!

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