Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Poem

I haven't written poetry in years, but I used to use it to write myself out of depressive moods.  This was my first attempt to literally change my mood from dark to light within a poem itself.  Since I find myself fighting such a mood again, I thought I'd share this with you.  I've gotten two reactions from it when I've shown it to others once before--one thought I needed serious counseling.  The other found it hilarious.  See what you think...

A Change

Tumultuous tidings herald the day, dismal tone set within,
A veritable requiem of death, fraught with murky images,
Despair slowly creeps slimy fingers 'round a cheerful heart,
Stifling, squeezing, crushing the pale fragment of life within,
Light quickly diminishes; the air, a thick, unbreathable mist,
Sadness takes stranglehold; hope falls into misty void....

But wait....

Brief shaft of brightness pierces the veil of cloudy despair,
Offering freedom, the fragmented shell within, dismal void.
Frantically clutching, straining, for soul-reaching light,
Creative heart struggles, misses, grasps again, success!

Bathing in beauteous light, on gentle breath of fragrant song,
Misery-laden wings shake of misty chains, take flight,
Soaring free, joyously buoyed by perfumed winds.....
Gaining thunderous speed, races towards friend-filled horizons.

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