Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hollering into the void

It all started when I spilled my tea on my stat sheet....not the recommended way to get caffeine into one's system...or maybe it began when I had to claw my way out of bed.  I saw this Calvin & Hobbes cartoon once.  Calvin was trying to get out of bed, and his blanket kept grabbing him and wrestling him back into bed.  This happened for three frames, until the final one, where his mother, off frame, calls out to him, "Calvin!  Get up!  You'll be late for school!"  To which he replies, "I'm trying!"  That picture came to mind this morning, when if felt like my quilt was also wrestling me back to a warm bed, aided & abetted by my pillow and my teddy bear/body pillow.  I'm so glad I live so close to work...I punched in at one minute to!

Every now & again, I have a day where I blunder through it seemingly aimlessly, running into things, dropping stuff, forgetting stuff.  A Keystone cops' kind of day, if you know your silent film icons at all.  I told a coworker, who's birthday I KNOW is tomorrow, well, today I said happy birthday to her.  After spilling tea on my stat sheet.  After over brewing it cause I forgot about it (I prefer tea brewed to perfection, not so long you could dance on top of it!)  After nearly dropping two breakable dishes of potluck offerings (at least got that day right!).  I decided right then & there to stick to non-breakable mugs for the remainder of the day.  And not attempt to repair anything.

It's the kind of day to stick to routine, to established routes, and simple recipes. And hope I survive.

I figure that if I'm on a roller-coaster kind of day, I might as well enjoy the ride, and laugh at the funny parts, even if I'm in the middle of them.  And I did.

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