Saturday, August 13, 2011

A bright moment in my day

The best part of my day today took all of 3 minutes.  I have this gorgeous hutch desk.  The fold out desk part had a screw missing on the hinge that supports it open.  It's been this way for a couple of months now.  Every time I'd open it, I'd think, gee...need to get that fixed.  Then I'd dump something on the desk, close it up and walk away.  Well, today I finally decided to clean up the pile on that desk top.  When I found the actual wood top again (took a while!), I remembered the missing screw.  My first thought was, gee, need to call Loyd and see if he'll fix it.  (The man can fix anything, create anything out of wood).  My next thought was, duh...first try to fix it myself.  So I did.  I only had to try two different screws to find the right one that fit.  But the best part was the feeling of accomplishment.  I did it myself.

I read an article in a magazine recently, that was discussing the benefits of doing manual things.  Cooking a meal from scratch.  Knitting a scarf.  Repairing an engine.  The actual act of doing something with your hands gives a feeling of accomplishment that actually has benefits beyond the obvious.  The act of doing can help ease depression, increase a person's sense of well being. 

I learned the value of taking care of things from my parents.  If a sock has a rip, mend it.  The pole from your artificial Christmas tree snap in half?   Well, we had that happen....and my dad repaired it, and we used it for years.  (think they still do).  I also learned the joy of making things, and cooking from scratch from them. 

So, yes, today my brightest moment came from replacing a missing screw.  Tomorrow it might be from sewing a quilt square.  I am happiest when I'm doing something.  Try it!  And let me know how it makes you feel.

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