Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Search

PLEASE NOTE: if you are friends with my daughter, do NOT tell her about this blog...until next Monday...it contains information about a bday gift she will be getting.

Apparently, the ability to hand or machine sew is a lost art. Yesterday, I spent more than two hours perusing three different stores, in the search of a sewing basket. For you non-sewers out there, a sewing basket is a square or rectangular, cloth or basket weave covered container with a hinged lid. It is used to contain & organize sewing supplies, such as scissors, sewing needles, thread, seam ripper, measuring tape and so on.

As Cat has started sewing (mostly via machine) for her ball-jointed doll, as well as for herself, she needed a sewing basket (and guess who's she kept borrowing?). Having two and half hours to occupy myself between work and an appointment, I figured that finding this item would be easy. I started at Hobby Lobby, having heard great things about the store. Well, it took me almost 20 minutes just to find the sewing section in that vast store. They should have maps! Once there, I found a total of two baskets...and neither were right for my eccentric daughter.

Next I went to Michaels. I've shopped there many times before, but never for sewing notions. I found the sewing section...one single wall, that had three items that I think were meant to be sewing baskets...but looked like jewelry cases, and one was missing the handle!

Having only a final hour left, I went to Walmart..figuring that I'd search in vain. After chatting with a friend who was waiting for her ride, I wandered in. Heading down the aisle, I actually found a decent sewing area. And to my suprise, I found three sewing baskets, in good condition, and actually cheaper than the other places. I walked out with a really nice gift for my daughter.

Now as long as none of my small handful of readers directs Cat's attention this way....

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