Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Talismans

As I sat at work, frustrated by a bad turn of events, a difficult tangle that I to unravel...I happened to glance down at my keyboard, just to the right. What I saw there caused me to smile, and light shown at the edges of my gray mood.

Sitting in my keyboard tray are three small items: a loonie, a plastic coin and a rock. These are my talismans. A talisman is an object thought to be a charm, according to Webster. The first is a Canadian dollar, also called a loonie (there is a loon on one side, hence the name). I received the first on the weekend of my 40th birthday. My parents took me on a weekend trip to Sarnia, Canada, a place they enjoy visiting often. I went to a British Tea House that was incredible. We walked in the park beside the bridge to America. I watched large ships in the harbor by the hotel we stayed in. But most of all, I had two entire days with just my parents, a first in years. That trip was a supreme highlight in my life; a gentle reminder that I have wonderful parents that love me. The loonie I keep as a constant reminder of that trip.

The second talisman is an inexpensive, green plastic coin stamped with a four leaf clover. I received this from a friend on St Patrick's Day. It's a simple reminder of friendship; valuable in my eyes.

The final talisman is a white rock that I found just outside of my office building. I picked it up on a rough day, one where everything seemed dark, lacking any light. As I stood there, under the cloud darkened sky, I examined the rock I had picked up at random. Running across the center was a crack. I squeezed the rock, but it held firm. Then the random thought strayed across my mind...'if this cracked rock can hold together, then maybe I, cracked & broken though I may feel, perhaps I too can be strong.'

These three seemingly ordinary objects do act as talismans for me..they remind me that my parents love me, remind me of uncomplicated friendship, and remind me to hold firm, to stay strong... and moreover, these objects, my talismans, charm a smile onto me.

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