Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rant about Christmas

I was talking to a friend recently, and she was telling me about how a family member of hers thinks that they should forgo buying each other Christmas presents, and instead spend the requisite several hundred dollars on her preferred charity.  Even when my friend explained that she couldn't do this, her sister wouldn't listen.  Truth is, this friend's entire Christmas budget may only be about $100, for her entire family. 

So many times I have sat in the break room at work, and listened to others talk about the gifts people are getting their kids... Ipods, new cell phones (the latest ones), expensive coats, and so on. These same people have houses 'up north' too, where some of them go to celebrate the season.

Then there are the people I know, and hang out with.  People who use their skills in the kitchen, with the sewing machine, and knitting needles in order to produce gifts for loved ones.  People who cannot spend $200 on a single gift for one child.

Funny thing is, those kids who receive the homemade gifts or simpler gifts, seem to still appreciate them and remember them months later... and those with the nifty ipods or cell phones have broken those and are asking for new, better ones.

That is my rant.  Thanks for listening.

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