Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Facing your fears

Today I fully planned on blogging about my adventure in Nanowrimo land, but something came up, hit me dead in the face, and demanded attention.  So, I'm sharing it here, in the hopes that despite any embarrassment on my part, it might help someone else out there in cyberland.

This morning I woke up and my first thoughts were thoughts of anxiety.  Naturally, I hit the snooze button, reset the alarm, and hit the snooze again.  A while later, reality intruded again, and I had to get up, and face the day.

On the drive to work, my worries were forefront in my mind.  I couldn't stop thinking about the two things that worried me the most.  At work, I finally realized that these two anxieties were simply not going to go away. Being at work, there wasn't much I could actively do about them, but I did realize that action was what I needed. Instead of trying to ignore the troubles, bury them beneath daily work & life wasn't working.

Therefore, I made a phone call on the one (about finding a 'new' car), and sent an explanatory email on the other (church library printer issues). The relief was nearly immediate.

There is something so freeing about tackling your fears head on, doing something, anything about them. There is the barest hint of coming peace.  The knots that took up permanent residence in my stomach loosened and dissolved, leaving only a memory.

The problems are still there-but I feel better.  I am handling my fears instead of my fears handling me.

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