Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Thoughts

I had a terrible day today, the kind that makes Murphy Monday's  pale in fear.  I guess it was a tumultuous, terrifying, tear-causing Tuesday.  But instead of regaling everyone with my list of woes, I decided to turn my mind to more positive things....even if I have to really work hard in order to do so. 

So here are a few of the thoughts and memories that make me happy....

Listening to my dad telling a story from his childhood, even when I've heard it before.  Watching my sons, when they were little, make things out of legos that shouldn't be possible-they made hinges out of lego people legs, and made things that transformed.  Seeing my daughter, pencil in hand, intently working on a drawing-she has such exuberant talent.  A hot, bubbly pineapple pizza with sesame seed crust.  Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.  A brand new, previously unread, just came out book-from Anne McCaffrey or J.D. Robb.  Watching the sunrise over desert hills. 

Saturday mornings.  Every Saturday morning is my own private holiday.  And I get 52 of them every year!

The feeling I get just after shopping day, when everything is put away... pringles & cottage cheese.  Getting to just sit and talk to my best friend Connie, in person, for hours.  The way we used to ride our bikes together during summers.  Hugging James Doohan. That dinner with all my kids, my parents, my Aunt Alise and my grandmother. Finally finding a cool pair of brown boots. 

The Christmas when my sons stared with amazement when they opened a Playstation, and started screaming.  The same day, seeing my daughter cry when she got the American Girl Doll she'd wanted.  And seeing the same girl many year's later, so happy when Chi~ arrived.

And finally, the peace I always feel when sitting beside a body of water... a river, lake, ocean.  And the feeling of home I felt when I walked into FMC the first time.  And the exubarent feeling of Winning Nanowrimo this year! 

There, now I feel happier.

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