Saturday, July 24, 2010


I was thinking at work earlier this week (I do some of my best thinking whilst my hands are occupied with morning work), about what makes me happy. See, I'm still in the midst of life change. My identity has slowly been changing. There was a time that my name was either 'Mom', or "hey, Ben&Robert's Mom" or "Cat's Mom"....I heard that so regularly that I'd have to check my work badge to figure out my real name...and then only had a 50/50 chance of getting it right. Now my sons are out in the world on their own and doing quite well. Ben is working a great job, engaged to a wonderful woman. Robert is working full time for a local business, dating a sweet girl, and the only person I know who fixes his car with items bought from Home Depot. Cat is still living at home, but it is often more a resting place for her active lifestyle. She's usually off at college, doing odd jobs or out with friends.

That just leaves me, the felines & the plants. I knew I had to take steps before I became some crazy cat lady who propagates plants for amusement (ok, maybe 20 houseplants is a bit much). So I have been adding to my life. I'm off in a few to play with race cars (no kidding).

Back to my thinking at work...I decided to make a list (making lists really does make me happy) of things & activities that make me happy. By doing this I can work towards continuing to build a happy life for myself. Some of the items on my list are: reading, sewing, crocheting, Tai Chi (have had three classes now!), listening to older people tell stories, spending time with friends, talking on the phone with Connie, sitting by the river, quiet moments with my kids, watching Dr Who, Eureka & Warehouse 13, writing fiction, holding babies at church, Farmers Market, making a home, baking cookies, sailing, making doll quilts, singing along with a good song... and that's just what I've come up with since then.

I've realized that what makes me happy are simple things. Guess I'm easy to make happy.

And never discount the joy of a magical Saturday morning!

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