Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Moving very slowly

A year or so ago, I took inspiration from my son Robert, and wrote out my 'Bucket List'. Yesterday, I began working on fulfilling one item from that list. #9 Take Tai Chi. Ever since I was a little kid, and first saw it on TV, it fascinated me. Then I lived in California for a couple of years. On a rare vacation, I ended up traveling beside a beach on the coast. There, in the breaking light of morning, I saw a group of older people, all quietly moving in unison, performing Tai Chi. It was hauntingly beautiful, and my resolve to learn it was solidified.

I've searched for a class, and tried books and videos. The books were confusing, and the videos, well, I tended to procrastinate so long I had to return them. As for a class, I have not found one. Until now.

The hospital I work for has a program called McHealthy (yeah, I've heard the jokes). Through it I can use the various gyms owned by the hospital (we are Borg, we own everybody). I can also take a variety of classes, including yoga, zumba, and now Tai Chi. As soon as I saw the class announcement, I called and registered. Turns out I was the first on the roster.

A bit nervous, I headed for my first class yesterday. First, I got lost, as I was on the wrong floor! Finally, I found the class, and waited for others to show up. A half hour later, the class began...and of the half sheet of people who showed up, I was the only one who showed up. (It was the day after a major holiday, might have contributed). Still, the instructor still, well, instructed. She explained the history & benefits of Tai Chi, and then showed me the complete movements. Then we began to break it down. I learned several movements, and that I need to move sssllllloowwweerrrr..... The lesson was enjoyable, and I looked forward until next week.

I couldn't stop smiling...

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