Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fear of Fun

As I thought about the past month, the month I took a hiatus from Farmville (ok, if you are gasping and feeling week from the thought, just breathe deeply, and clutch your keyboard 'til the sensasation passes), I tried to calculate just how much writing I actually got done. See, the reason for my hiatus (deep breaths) was to finish the book I began during NaNoWriMo. Did I? No. But I am closer...

I am a champion, gold medalist procrastinator. For some odd reason, I put off things I enjoy if they take any effort to begin. Now reading is simple... you sit down, open the book (I have books in at least 4 handy places) and begin. Ahh... But for writing, you have to turn on the puter, open the word doc, find where you left off, and then begin. Same with sewing. You have to move the clutter from the craft table, find the supplies, get them get the idea.

So no, I didn't get much done on the book. However, I did craft an article, the longest I've written, and submitted it to the Guideposts Annual Writing Contest. And I did write a chapter or two for the book. So, I am encouraged. And even today... as the last batch of cookies cooled (choc chip & snickerdoodles), I made myself sit down, and begin this...

So I think with some serious discipline, and self permission to put forth the effort to have fun (and a lack of new books to read), I'll work harder this month. And still find time Afterwards, to do a wee bit of farming. (feel better now?)

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