Friday, January 22, 2010

The word "tawny" flittered through my mind....

I didn't need my first mug of tea this morning. I got enough of an adrenaline boost on the way to work. I got almost all the way there, and had just turned onto Mill Road, and had just glanced down to check my speedometer, and when I glanced back up, my first thought was 'tawny'. Then the thought traveled swiftly around my mind, looking for something to link to. Then it clicked, and I swiftly swerved into the oncoming lane, to avoid hitting a doe that was just standing in the road. Just standing there. When I swerved, she sauntered off with an attitude of 'What?' like an annoyed teenager. I am just so glad that there wasn't a car in that oncoming lane. I can just see that accident report had there been a car there. 'Driver swerved into the path of the oncoming car, to avoid hitting a deer that spontaneously appeared in the lane.'

Good Morning!

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