Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Writing Advice

Today I heard the very best writing advice I have ever heard. Now I have read countless writing books and dream achievement books. I have done writing exercises, and considered taking writing classes. I read several fellow writers blogs, including Tricia & Heather, and of course, the Writer Mama. I am even posting an answer to a blog question on the Writer Mama's site, hoping to win one of her writing book giveaways. (I recently won the Poetry Market 2008!!).

Today's blog question was "what is the best writing advice you could give other Writer Mamas?" The very first post was from a nice lady named Eliza, who stunned me with her simple advice. "Shut up and Get up". Wow. This sounds so much like something my blunt-speaking Aunt Alise would say. "Shut up and Get up".

Suddenly, I realized that I spend far too much time thinking about and reading about writing, and not enough time simply Writing! (and I spend far too much time simply watching TV!) Procrastination is the root of many disappointments in my life.

So, being a lover of a good quote, I now have a new one to motivate me. "Shut up and Get up." Get off that chair. Turn off the TV. Write. No complaints. Even if I have only 15 minutes, write. Get up earlier and write in the quiet of the morning.

And I am taking that advice right now. I was going to go watch tv after posting my answer to that blog. Instead, I headed straight here, and wrote this.

"Shut up and Get up"!

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Tricia Grissom said...

You can do it! It sounds simple, but the t.v. is an evil force that sends out brain rays of possession.

Or maybe that's just me:)