Friday, September 21, 2007

Perilous Shopping, or Why you don't take you teenager to the store

It is never a good idea to take your daughter to the store with you. Her age, nor the type of store does not matter. However good your list & budget planning are, with her alongside, you are destined to spend at least $20 more than you wanted to.

Yesterday, I picked up Cat, my 17 year old daughter, from high school, and took her to the grocery store with me. Armed with a carefully planned 2 week menu and a detailed grocery list, I began my shopping. I tried to distract her by keeping her busy sending her on forays throughout the store for her lunch and hair care items. It didn't work.

Whilst trying to choose a candle for a co-worker, she found me. After dropping her pomegranate scented body wash in the cart, she turned around and cried out "ooooooo'. Kneeling on the floor, she pawed through the shelf of new beanie babies. Frantically, I scanned my list, desparately looking for something, anything to send her to find. Too late. My teenage daughter sat cuddling a medium-sized brown puppy, with a look of instant love on her face. "Mom, he's all lonely. Can I take him home?"

Yep, you guessed it. Nuzzle, that sad faced brown beanie is currently keeping her company as she sits drawing on the couch. Hope he's inspiring her latest cartoon. Cat did her part though. When she choose her lunch items, she looked for things on sale, and got incredible bargins. And truthfully, the stuffed puppy didn't cost $20. (he was only $10.95). Still, no where on my grocery list did it say, fluffy friend.


Heather said...

Hey, Laura! Thanks for visiting my blog. The Writer Mama contest has been great, in so many ways. I'm starting to feel like I know everyone, just from reading the posts each day, and I've gotten a lot of insight into my own writing, too.

Anyway, I thought I'd stop in here and see what you're up to. Really enjoying what I've read so far, and I'm bookmarking it so I can keep checking back. ;o)

BTW, I have two daughters, 18 and 12, so I do know where you're coming from with the shopping woes... lol

Good luck with the giveaway!

Tricia Grissom said...

I understand. My fourteen-year-old daughter is a beanie baby magnet.

I'm enjoying your posts - I relate to being "directionally challenged." Oh boy, do I.

Many is the evening when my husband's voice on a cell phone and his street guide got me home safely. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be checking yours in the future.

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