Monday, November 3, 2008

My Writing Journey

I began blogging because of an urge to write – regardless of whether or not anyone reads it. I have a need to write.

Like any kid, I first wanted to be a nurse, a fireman, a ballerina or a princess, preferably all four at once. But from the very first day that I fell in love with reading, all I’ve ever truly wanted to be is a writer. That was back in third grade, when we were reading the Boxcar Children series. As I watched my line of stars grow on the reward’s poster, I finally realized that it was someone’s actual job to write these wonderful stories! Why couldn’t that be my job?

While the path of my life meandered as much as a cow in a clover field, I finally came to realize that ‘someday’ had to begin now. I gathered up the courage, and sent out three articles. A year or so later, I had my first published article, August 07 issue of Guideposts Magazine.

Since then, I’ve struggled to find my rhythm in writing. Thanks to such wondrous books as The Writer Mama and Time to Write, I began working within a writing schedule, with set goals.

My comfort zone is in writing ‘the personal essay’, as found within Guideposts. I am currently working on several. Recently, I stepped outside of my comfort zone, and started learning to write fiction. This is so exciting!

Last week, I mailed out a piece to the Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition; a piece I have great hopes for. I’ve another that I simply need to polish before sending out.

And I’ve this great idea for a book—in fact, I think I’ll go work on it now!

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