Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Writer Mama?

Am I still a Writer Mama? Because Christina Katz’s book, Writer Mama, is one of my favorites, and I frequent her blog,, I found myself asking this very question. Most of the writers who participate in her blog are mothers of small children. When I first found this insightful book, I was the mother of three teenagers, all still in High School. My children were older, but still I felt that I fit in. I was a mother of school-age children. I was a writer with one published article. So, with the others in this unique writer’s community, I participated, commented and did copious amounts of writing.

Now however, my life is different. My twin sons, Ben & Robert, have graduated, and moved out on their own. My daughter, Catherine, has also graduated. She is still living at home. (“Hey, I know how good I have it,” she says.) She is a college student, attending the local community college.

The question is, now that my children are technically adults, am I still considered a Writer Mama? Or am I a fraud, no longer ‘one’ with Tiffany, Heather, and Marnini and all the other creative souls on Christina’s blog? Do I have to shelve my copy of Writer Mama?

No! That’s what I have decided. I am still a mother. While my children no longer need my constant supervision, they still need my prayers, encouragement, and homemade chocolate chip cookies. I will never stop being their mother.

I am still a writer, even more so, it seems of late. I’m actually writing this blog post long hand, while sitting in a Tim Hortons just two buildings down from the local branch of my daughter’s community college. Every Monday night, after I drop Catherine off at her English Comp class, I spend the intervening 3 hours holed up here. I sip very hot tea, eat the occasional donut (pumpkin spice tonight) and write.

So, yes, I have decided that I am still amongst the ranks of these creative Goddesses. Hey, Christina, I am a Writer Mama!

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Anonymous said...

Laura Jill,

I couldn't agree more.

:) Christina