Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Joy filled Day

Today was a joy filled day.  I didn't spend it floating in a sailboat on a lake, nor resting in a sunbeam on a pretty quilt.  No.  I spent most of the day working.  But first I got to drive through the darkness of a brand new morning, to pick up my daughter Melody (formerly known as Cat).  I am starting to grow very fond of Swartz Creek.  There are some really quaint looking shops that I hope to visit sometime soon, instead of just sailing on past.  (It'd help if I wasn't always going through there early morning or late at night!). 

Then I spent most of the day at work, with a quick sun filled errand in the middle.  As I drove down Morrish road, with the wind blowing my hair into a tangle, and a baroche concerto playing at a louder volume than Mozart intended, I realized that the feeling bubbling up in my was pure happiness.  I kept wouldn't stop.  Giggles bubbled out of me. 

I have a great job, a coworker who is a close friend, a beautiful apartment with a deck garden that's sprouting, a wonderful cruiser to drive, a family church nearby.....and a world of possibilities ahead of me.  I have books to read, more coming from the library (it takes constant feeding to satisfy my reading addiction), a story that I'm nearly done writing (soon as I get my backside reglued to my chair again), several hand crafts waiting, and racing season has started!  So much to be happy over.

So this post may be unintentionally a bit boring, but I'll gladly shout out that amazing phrase: I'm happy.

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