Monday, January 21, 2008

Murphy Mornings

Have you ever had a Murphy Morning? It's that morning, when a multitude of things just keep going wrong. You find yourself wondering just What is going on? You lose your keys. The socks you put on have a hole in them. You miss your cup & pour creamer onto the table. You trip over the cat (again), knock over the trash can, and step into her water bowl. While bending over to clean all this up, your only clean pair of dress pants rip. And that's just the beginning!

I have often had these Murphy Mornings. They occur in direct porportion to the worst possible time to have them. And when they occur on a Monday....well, there's nothing worse than a Murphy Monday Morning!

Want to hear something truly weird, maybe a bit eccentric? I am in the midst of a Murphy morning....and yet, feeling pretty happy. I made the concious decision this morning, as I was picking up trash & mopping up a yogurt/pudding smear that despite everything that would happen today, I would attempt to be happy despite the circumstances.

Thus far, its working. I am fighting a headache, the outfit I chose for today is proving to be an uncomfortable one, I am craving sugar & caffiene (I avoid breakable things on murphy days, for obvious reasons), it's dark & dismal outside, my budget is screwed...I could go on and on.... but despite it all, I am feeling happy. I just hope I can keep this up... I am having the kind of day wherein I would not be surprised to have a Huffalump come running out of the woods & into the path of my car, causing me to veer into the nearest ditch.... and ye t I am trying & currently succeeding in being happy.

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Melissa B. said...

Could be could be on your period! :-)